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141202 Cubs

Tonight at Cubs we were completing the last part of the CREATIVE CHALLENGE. The Cubs had to take part in a problem solving hike. The route should have taken them from Tilgate Park back to the HQ in Waterlea; a distance of approximately 3.5 miles. 6 teams set out, at 5 minute intervals, with members of our leader team and some parents/ grandparents (Thank you!) looking after them.  On my return to the HQ I was greeted by 32 very happy and excited cubs who had clearly had a brilliant evening and were now tucking into cups of hot chocolate. My sincere thanks to everyone who made tonight such fun, we must do it again sometime but not too soon!

PCM 02.12.14


Six Route Time TimePoints Questions answered correctly QuestionsPoints Total Points
Orange B1 59 mins 100 22 100 200
Green A2 68 mins 60 20 60 120
Red B3 70 mins 40 21 80 120
Blue A1 60 mins 80 16 20 100
White B2 76 mins 20 20 60 80
Yellow B3 Did not finish 00 04 04 04

P1220012 P1220013 P1220014 P1220015 P1220016 P1220019