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The Pack completed working towards the Disability Awareness Activity Badge. 


A huge “thank you” to Chris Cheshire and Kieran McKenna for arranging tonight’s visit to the Town Hall and giving us a great insight into physical disabilities.  The evening started off in the main Council Chamber  and a question/ answer session.  Then the Pack were divided up into three smaller groups and, in turn, undertook the following activities:


  • Looking at, measuring and considering the difference between a disabled and an ordinary parking bay.
  • What makes an “easy access toilet” different from an ordinary type of public toilet
  • How a person copes with a physical disability.


The Cubs then joined together for another question and answer session but this time as though they were “in session” during a Council meeting using the microphones ………………… almost like a junior United Nations! Chris and Kieran were certainly put through their paces with some of the far reaching questions they were asked.


Thanks also to the following parents who gave up their evening to help on this activity.  Without your help we would be unable to run evenings such as these:

  • Adam Dealhoy, Carl Dicken, Chris Head, Leanne Kemp, Michelle Payne & Richard Quirk


A really great and very informative night and a perfect way to finish off the requirements of this very important Activity badge.  We now have 30+ Cubs who are VERY disability aware.


Paul Masters.  6th March 2018

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