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The Pack continued working towards the Disability Awareness Activity Badge.  Last week we looked at sight impairment and tonight it was hearing impairment.  The Cubs tried their hand at lip-reading, had a go at some sign language and learnt about Makaton, and other ways that people, who are deaf/ partially deaf, use to help them communicate with others.  My thanks to “Hathi” for running the evening.


The Cubs task, which is attached, is to learn the Cub Promise using Sign Language.  When your child has completed this activity please let me know – Many thanks


The Cubs played:

  • Pass the bomb (but in the dark so that they had an idea what it is like to have sight impairment.
  • “Silent” Shipwreck


We also had a “snap shot” (if you’ll pardon the pun!) of how to use a basic digital camera in readiness for us starting the Photographer’s badge later this term.  Thank you “Sherekhan”.


Congratulations to the following Cubs:

  • Home Help Badge – Caitlin, Ben, Chloe, Kathryn, Thomas O & Nathan 
  • Joining In 3 – Tom P
  • Joining In 2 – Jack, Finn, Caitlin, Chloe, Daniel E, & Jess
  • Joining In 1 – Chantelle


  • Blue – 498
  • Green – 446
  • Orange – 343
  • Red – 392
  • White – 474
  • Yellow – 390

Paul Masters. 27th February 2018

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