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120512/13 – ENVIRONMENT
















12th/ 13th May 2012                           

In association with the Let’s Face It Campaign (CBC)                                

Co-ordinator:  Paul Masters


Beavers George Argent; Dylan Bendall, James Cordery, Kathryn   Cordery; Jared DeClerk; George Doughton; Rohan Finch; Daniels Hails; Isobel   Hague; Lawrence Hayes; Joseph Herbert; Marie Martin; Joshua McDonald; George   McPherson; Isaac Miller-Smith; Anthony Nabar; Jope Obiyoke; Michelle Okorie;   Muna Okorie; Anthony Patel; William Penfold; Alexander Ricketts; Maisie   Taylor; Owen Thrussell; Adam White
Cubs Daryan DeClerk; Joshua Downes; Maxwell Goss; Matthew   Hague; Ben Knight; Peter Lodemore; Ben Lyon; Ethan Oak; Kalinda Patel; Dylan Penfold;   Kaleb Tanner; Kit Welch
Scouts Glen Baker; Rhys Baker; Jack Crooknorth; Aiden Donovan;   Kieron Donovan; Thomas Goodwin; Max Hassam; Harry Simpson; Marcello Volpe
Leaders Jill Alderton; Debbie Oakes, Paul Masters; Rosie   Masters; Yvonne Seetayah; Kathryn Wakeling.
  Together with a   further 40+ parents, friends and supporters