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180717 Cubs

Tonight (Tuesday) with the Cubs from the 7th Crawley (Furnace Green) Cub Pack.
Our last meeting of the term but the Cubs enjoyed a games evening . One of their favourites – Capture the Flag!
Well done to yellow six for being the top six of the term. Medals were presented to each member of that six.
We said a sad farewell to Scott and Zach who have now reached the age where they have to move on (the grand “old” age of 11 ish!!) – We all wish them well for the future and if they do change their minds about trying Scouts that the door is always open.
We shall be back on Tuesday, 11th September when we shall be saying goodbye (over the following four weeks) to Jessica, Bethanie, Elijah, James and Jaqob BUT we shall be welcoming some new cubs to the Pack including James, Jensen, Eden & Joel.
Wishing everyone associated with the 7th Crawley Scout Group a very happy and safe Summer.
Paul Masters.  18th July 2018
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