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2012 Conker Competition

Date:        Saturday 6th October 2012

Venue:     Queens Square, Crawley Town Centre

Time:       10:30 – 12:30

Cost:         None


The Crawley District Cub Conker Competition will take place this year on Saturday 6th October from 10:30-12:30pm. This will take place as part of the District Recruitment and Awareness Day and will be held in the Queen’s Square in Crawley Town Centre.


Cubs must wear full uniform as pictures will be taken during and after the competition. All participants will receive a certificate and the winner and runners up will also receive medals.


Each group can enter 4 cubs for the competition, however more than that are welcome to attend and may be able to take part. The rounds will be run in a knockout tournament style, with random pairings at the start.


The rules are attached below. Small changes may be made to the rules on the day but all participants will advised of any changes.


There is no cost and refreshments will be provided on the day. The conkers and string will also be provided by the District so Cubs will just need to bring themselves and the willingness to have a good time!


Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch and we will also be looking for adults to referee various matches. And of course we do need people there to cheer on the competitors!


Please could you advise me by Friday, 28th September if you would like your son/ daughter to take part.




1. District will provide ALL the conkers and the string.

2. All competitors to be in full uniform.

3. No stamping on opponents conker if it falls to the floor (or hand or head or feet!).

4. No moving of string when opponent strikes your conker.

5. Strings to be at least 7 inches long at ALL times (measured from where the string comes out of the conker, not the knot!)

6. 3 misses in one match means you lose.

7. Competitors will stand one full pace away from each other during their match.

8. Onlookers will behave themselves at all times.

9. The judges decision is final!


The most important rule of all….

10. This is a fun competition so please no moaning or grousing from the spectators or competitors, just come along, take part and enjoy yourselves.