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MAYORATHON success – A great day out

As part of our contribution towards the activities we manned a checkpoint with various CODE challenges, ran a MINI-ARCHERY competition (See below for the top results) and a BETTER EATING display.


Our thanks to Crawley Well Being for donating two smoothie making static bikes and Tesco’s (Three Bridges) for donating a generous quantity of fruit for the smoothies. 


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P1160077 P1160078 P1160079 P1160080 P1160081 P1160082 P1160083 P1160084 P1160085 P1160086 P1160087 P1160088 P1160089 P1160090 P1160091 P1160092 P1160093 P1160094 P1160095 P1160097 P1160098z1.jpg z1a.jpg z2.jpgP1110433 P1110435 P1110434 P1110436 P1110438 P1110430 P1110431 P1110432 P1110441 P1110443 P1110444 P1110445

Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part in out Archery competition – Below are the top scorers for each category:

1st Daniel 400
2nd MarysiaMason 350
3rd Daisy 300


1st Freddie 600 1st Crawley
2nd Thomas S 550 1st Balcombe
3rd Toby 500 5th Crawley


1st Ben KJasonPeter 750 7th Crawley4th Worth7th Crawley
2nd ElliottJosh 700 4th Worth1st Northgate
3rd CharlieSean 600 2nd Crawley


1st LewisSamuel BThomas GJames A 750 7th Crawley1st Crawley7th Crawley7th Crawley
2nd Nathan 650 1st Crawley
3rd JacobOwenLukeBrandonJosh 600 2nd Ifield1st Northgate4th Worth1st Southgate


1st ConnaghSherekhan 750 Explorers7th Crawley
2nd Mr R Page 650
3rd KarlMr L Lyon 600 Network7th Crawley