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170314 Cubs

Tonight we were joined by Bob and Rory, members of the Broadwood Morris men who taught us one of their traditional dances: Shepherds Hay.  The Cubs threw themselves into this activity and had a brilliant time.


The Pack then enjoyed a very competitive game of hockey!


I am delighted to advise that we now have two new members who have joined our leader team.  “Welcome” to both of you!:


  • Sophie, who will be known by the jungle name “Jakala” (The crocodile) and who is currently ion the process of going through the DBS system in order to be a Pack Helper &
  • Tym, who has taken on the jungle name of “Mowgli” and who has recently registered as a young leader to undertake the service part to his Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze) award.

Paul Masters.  14th March 2017


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