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190312 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs continued to work towards the DIY (Do It Yourself) Activity Badge.  


The Cubs each carefully measured and marked the middle of the key holder and then screwed in a picture frame hook (which can be used later to hang the holder onto a wall at home) before painting the holders in any way that they wished.


Also during the evening the cubs had a go at a word search and “match the tool to the job” quiz.


The Cubs also played a game of head and catch.


Congratulations to Emir who was invested tonight.


Points to-date: Each week the Cubs will be able to earn points for their six.  This can be by winning games, being helpful, attending church parade, bringing in stamps, coins and milk bottle tops (we collect these for charity) or for being the first six ready (and quiet) for an activity.


  • Blue Six – 1035
  • Green Six – 690
  • Orange Six – 550
  • Red Six – 950
  • White Six – 785
  • Yellow Six – 490


Paul Masters. 13th March 2019


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