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180116 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs continued to work towards the Home Help Activity Badge. The Pack had a go at sewing a button and then ironing their Group scarves.


The cubs also enjoyed a game of hockey.


Congratulations to the following Cubs who have now completed the Scientist Activity Badge: Dhruv, Dylan, Neo, Scott, Aadi, Jordan, Thomas P & Aayush.


HUGE congratulations to Evan & Ellis – Awarded the Promise Challenge Badge.  Both boys have also now completed all of the requirements of the Chief Scout (Silver) Award.  This is the highest award that a cub can attain whilst in the Pack so very well done to both.  Each will receive an invitation, in due course, from the District to attend a special presentation ceremony in March.


Points awarded tonight, including inspection, the game and for bringing in bottle tops, stamps and coins: 


Blue Six: 148

Green Six: 246

Orange Six: 93

Red Six: 142

White Six: 149

Yellow Six: 90

Paul Masters.  16th January 2018


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