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Tonight the Pack was made very welcome at the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Gurdwara in Ifield Green.  


The Cubs were quizzed on what they could see outside and inside the Gurdwara and learnt about the special characteristics that show who Sikhs are and where they meet to worship.  


Sikhism has five symbols which are the things Sikhs wear at all times. They are:

  • Having unshorn/cut hair. This is called Kesh. One must, whether male or female, keep their Kesh covered, whether it be in the form of a turban, bandana, or a scarf (Chunni)
  • Having a wooden comb in their hair. This is called Kangha. This symbolizes cleanliness which is an important part of Sikhism.
  • Having an iron bracelet. This is for protection and physical reminder that a one is bound to the Guru. This is called Kara.
  • Wearing cotton underwear that does not always have to be used as underwear. This is called Kachera. It is a reminder to stay away from lust and attachment.
  • Carrying a sword with oneself. This is worn to defend one’s faith and protect the weak. This is called Kirpan. It is only to be used in self-defence. 


We also learnt that when Sikh’s meet they say to each other “Sat Shri Akal” which, translated into English means “God is the supreme truth”. Sikhs remember God every time they meet or greet each other by saying Sat Shri Akal.   


At the end of the evening the Cubs were treated to light refreshments that went down very well!  


My thanks to everyone at The Gurdwara who made the evening such a success and to the parents who stayed and helped with the Cubs.

Paul Masters.  28th March 2017

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