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Tonight our Pack continued on their mission to bodly go through the requirements of the Global Challenge badge. This evening we had our fill of toilet humour as we talked about the workings of the (probably) smallest room in the house with one Cub boasting that he has 10 toilets in his home! We discussed the insanitary conditions that our brothers and sisters have to live with in the “third world”/ toilet twinning (an initiative to help bring clean water and safe sanitation to the world’s poorest people by linking your loo with a latrine in Africa or Asia – go to for further information) and a number of toilet “facts”; for instance, did you know that……….
1. Over a lifetime a person spends THREE YEARS on the toilet! – I assume that this isn’t necessarily all in one go although you could read “War and Peace” and the whole of the Encyclopaedia Britannica a number of times over!
2. An average person uses FIFTY SEVEN sheets of toilet paper each day! – OR possibly a single copy of the “Daily Star”!
3. On average a person passes wind FIFTEEN times each day.


Anyway, having played a game of toilet tag (please don’t asl! LOL) the Cubs were flushed (GROAN – Sorry!) with success with completing this part of the badge.


Next week we shall be learning about energy and recycling – I’m sure we’ll manage to get some more toilet references in there somewhere – we are cubs afterall!!


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