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150210 Cubs

So what that it is barely above freezing tonight? The Cubs still thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a Beach Party at the 7th Crawley Scout Group HQ in Furnace Green. Each came dressed in their best beach ware, sandals, shades etc. Activities included beach volleyball; blindfold sand search, guess the noise and charades. And when the Cubs felt like chilling (!!) they could relax at the Beach Bar and enjoy a hot dog, cool refreshing drink and to top it all an ice cream! A great evening! I hope you enjoy the 130+ photographs that I took during the evening. Well, who could blame me, it was perfect conditions for a budding David Bailey (ok, that show my age!). The sun was high, just a slight heat haze over the heaters and not too much sand to get into the workings of the camera (or my sandwiches!)


P1220533 P1220532 P1220531 P1220530 P1220528 P1220527 P1220526 P1220519 P1220520 P1220521 P1220522 P1220523 P1220524 P1220525 P1220518 P1220517 P1220516 P1220515 P1220514 P1220513 P1220512 P1220504 P1220505 P1220506 P1220507 P1220508 P1220510 P1220511 P1220496 P1220486 P1220479 P1220480 P1220489 P1220498 P1220499 P1220490 P1220481 P1220482 P1220491 P1220500 P1220501 P1220492 P1220483 P1220484 P1220493 P1220502 P1220503 P1220495 P1220485 P1220478 P1220469 P1220462 P1220477 P1220468 P1220461 P1220476 P1220467 P1220460 P1220475 P1220466 P1220459 P1220473 P1220465 P1220471 P1220464 P1220457 P1220470 P1220463 P1220456 P1220455 P1220448 P1220441 P1220454 P1220447 P1220440 P1220453 P1220446 P1220438 P1220452 P1220445 P1220451 P1220444 P1220435 P1220450 P1220443 P1220434 P1220449 P1220442 P1220432 P1220431 P1220420 P1220413 P1220430 P1220419 P1220412 P1220429 P1220418 P1220411 P1220426 P1220417 P1220410 P1220425 P1220416 P1220409 P1220423 P1220415 P1220408 P1220421 P1220414 P1220407 P1220406 P1220399 P1220390 P1220389 P1220398 P1220405 P1220404 P1220395 P1220403 P1220394 P1220393 P1220402 P1220401 P1220392 P1220391 P1220400