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Diary – Spring Term

9/01/15 7th Crawley New starters and games YES MERLIN
16/01/15 7th Crawley Pillow Fight Pioneering YES COBRAS
23/01/15 7th Crawley Hobbies night Bring along an object to describe your favourite hobby  YES FALCON
30/01/15  7th Crawley Scavenger Hunt Bring waterproof coat and warm clothes for going outside  YES MERLIN
06/02/15 7th Crawley  IT badge Chance to bring along your laptop / tablet and show us your IT skills  YES COBRAS
13/02/15 7th Crawley Pancake Cooking    YES FALCON
20/02/15 7th Crawley No meeting – half term  YES
27/02/15 7th Crawley Paper airplane challenge and more!!  An evening of silly challenges…. YES MERLIN
06/03/15 7th Crawley Japanese Cooking A guest parent will come and show us some traditional cooking  YES COBRAS
13-15/03/15 Stanford’s District Weekend Camp  Details to follow YES
20/03/15 7th Crawley Bad science An evening of some silly science stuff  YES FALCON
27/03/15 TBC Firelighting and backwoods cooking  NO