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7th Crawley is one of eleven current scout groups within the area covered by the Crawley District Scout Council.  We are situated in Furnace Green to the East of the Town.  The other Groups are:

  • 1st Crawley (Southgate)
  • 2nd Crawley (Broadfield)
  • 5th Crawley (Three Bridges)
  • 6th Crawley (Gossops Green)
  • 1st Balcombe (transferred from Hayward Heath District in 2010)
  • 1st Langley Green
  • 1st Northgate
  • 1st Southgate (Tilgate)
  • 2nd Ifield
  • 4th Worth (Three Bridges)




The shield is taken from the Coat of Arms of the Crawley Borough Council: The cross signifies the importance of Crawley’s position at the junction of the London to Brighton and Horsham to East Grinstead roads. The nine flying martlets (see above) are from the traditional arms of the South Saxons, and feature in many civic arms in Sussex. Their gold colour on the blue background gives the Sussex colours, and their number suggests the nine communities which made up the original Crawley New Town. The acorns commemorate the oak forests which once covered so much of North Sussex, and also symbolise strong steady growth.




The modern arms of West Sussex are comprised of a blue shield bearing six gold martlets(a mythical bird found in heraldry, essentially representative of a swift).  The yellow crest represents areas transferred from East Sussex (Saxon Crown) and Surrey (Acorns) in 1974.  Up until recently those Scout Groups in the County who had achieved the County Standard (Our Group gained this in 2004) could wear the County badge with a yellow border.  Sadly in 2011 the West Sussex Scout Council discontinued this badge and so all groups wear the grey bordered style county badge (as above).  Groups who now achieve the County Standard are awarded (every 5 years if the Standard continues to be achieved) a plaque which can be displayed in the Group Headquarters.