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140520 Cubs

On Tuesday, 20th May the Pack had some very unusual visitors to their meeting. 


As part of the work being undertaken for the Animal Carer’s Activity Badge we invited Tom & Maz from Tom’s Talking Reptiles and some of their reptile friends to join us.



We had an opportunity to handle stick insects, cockroaches, a South American tarantula, a boa constrictor, corn snake and stroke an Iguana.



We had a brilliant evening and would like to thank Tom and Maz for letting us meet their friends and for teaching us so much about them.



Here are some of the comments from our Cubs:


“I enjoyed having the Boa constrictor around my neck because it tickled a bit on my neck. Also I enjoyed holding the Tarantula because it tickled my hands a lot but I kept very still”: Kathryn
“I enjoyed having the corn snake because I liked the colour and the size of the snake. I also liked the millipede because it tickles when it moves”: James
“I thought Tom’s Reptiles was really good because you got to hold fascinating reptiles.  There was a tarantula called Rosie; it was really hairy!  There were four snakes, one was a corn snake.  All of the snakes felt like plastic.  The stick insect was sharp at the end of its leg.  It was brown and it came from India”: Owen

PCM 24th May 2014

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