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180220 Cubs

The Pack started working towards the Disability Awareness Activity Badge and my sincere thanks to Sandra Ford (a former Scouting parent and camp helper!) who came along tonight and gave us a lot of things to reflect on in relation to sight awareness.  Each Cub, armed with a piece of grease-proof paper, was given an idea of what it would be like to be suffering with:


  • Nystagmus – an involuntary movement of the eyes
  • Strabismus – squints
  • Cataracts – a clouding of the lens
  • Tunnel Vision


Some of the cubs, with their eyes closed, had to try and work out what picture was on a piece of paper (REALLY difficult!) had a go at “reading” braille and then “de-coding” some Braille sentences.


A really informative evening – thank you so much Sandra.


We also welcomed James who started with us tonight and we hope that he soon feels at home in the Pack!


Congratulations to the following Cubs:


  • Kathryn & Ben for being invested tonight
  • Ellis, Evan, Shaun & Scott who, having recently completed the Chief Scout SILVER Award (the highest award that a Cub can attain in the Pack), I had the honour of presenting their badges and certificates on behalf of the District Commissioner.
  • Scientist Badge – Angelika
  • Home Help Badge – Scott, Jessica, Aadi, Thomas P, Leon, Daniel, Elijah, Caitlin, Chantelle, Jack, Oscar, Bethany, Angelika, Summer, Holly, Neo
  • Hikes Away stage 10 – Shaun & Ellis
  • Hikes Away stage 5 – Jordan, Dhruv, Luke, Nathan, Kathryn, Leon
  • Hikes Away stage 1 – Jacob
  • Joining In 5 – Ellis & Shaun
  • Joining In 4 – Aayush
  • Joining In 3 – Zach & Jack
  • Joining In 2 – Luke & Leon
  • Joining In 8 – “Mysa” – one of our Young Leaders



  • Blue – 448
  • Green – 446
  • Orange – 293
  • Red – 342
  • White – 424
  • Yellow – 340

Paul Masters.  20th February 2018


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