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170131 Cubs

This evening the Cubs started to work towards the Entertainer Activity Badge.  Based on the information that they obtained whilst undertaking the Personal Safety Badge earlier this term each six was tasked with producing a short script on one of the topics that we talked about:
– Car Passenger Code
– On-line safety
– Stranger Danger
– Child-line
– Dangers at the Beach
– Dangers on the railway
Over the next couple of weeks they will practice on their scripts with the intention of their work being filmed – should prove to be great fun (I hope!)
The Cubs also enjoyed playing a couple of games including “jump the rope”.
Congratulations to the following Cubs who attained the “Team Work” & “Team Leader” Challenge badges:
– Muna, Tommy, Sam, Hadyn and Lloyd
We also celebrated Leon having reached his 2nd “birthday” with the Scout Group with the presentation of a “Joining in 2” badge.
Paul Masters – 1st February 2017
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