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131105 Cubs

Continuing to work towards the Communicators Activity Badge the Cubs were introduced to BBots.  These are little battery operated gadgets that can be programmed to move in various directions.  Each Six had to undertake a number of tasks to operate and move the BBots between and around various destinations printed on laminated cards.  It was great fun!


We finished off with a game of Crab Football……………….


P1190365 P1190366 P1190367 P1190368 P1190369 P1190370 P1190371 P1190372 P1190373 P1190374 P1190375 P1190377 P1190378 P1190379 P1190380 P1190381 P1190382 P1190383 P1190384 P1190385 P1190386 P1190390 P1190391 P1190392 P1190393 P1190394 P1190395 P1190396 P1190397 P1190399 P1190400 P1190401 P1190402 P1190403 P1190405 P1190406 P1190408 P1190410 P2000000 P2000001 P2000002 P2000004 P2000005 P2000006 P2000007 P2000008 P2000009 P2000010 P2000011 P2000012 P2000013 P2000014 P2000015 P2000016 P2000017 P2000018