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 “Thank you VolkerFitzpatrick”

Yvonne Seetayah our Beaver Leader reported that “the 7th Crawley Beavers were delighted to have perfectly fitted (almost tailor made) hi-visibility (hi-vis) vests donated to them by local company VolkerFitzpatrick.  The generous gift was made to the Beavers through the instigation and discussion of a Beaver parent and VolkerFitzpatrick who are aware of environmental issues.  The Beavers themselves are great supporters of the environment especially in relation to the work that they undertake through the Crawley Borough Council “Let’s Face It” campaign.  The hi-vis vests will be very useful for when the Beavers go to work on their small plot of land in Tilgate during the darker evenings.  Thank you VolkerFitzpatrick for your generous gift”  pcm


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