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130712-14 Cubs

Some of our photographs from Summer camp – We had a brilliant time fighting the forces of S.P.L.U.R.G.E. and the evil mastermind Lord Splodge.  Our Spymaster General (Akela), the Spyleaders and we, the Spy Agents, had a great time taking part in various missions and we even had time for a water fight – Yeah!!


P1160970 P1160968 P1160960 P1160946 P1160941 P1160938 P1160934 P1160825 P1160826 P1160827 P1160841 P1160854 P1160875 P1160880 P1160824 P1160822 P1160821 P1160823 P1160820 P1160819 P1160797 P1160745 P1160746 P1160747 P1160748 P1160749 P1160750 P1160751 P1160657 P1160659 P1160661 P1160662 P1160663 P1160744 P1160656 P1160655 P1160654 P1160653 P1160652 P1160651 P1160650 P1160618 P1160619 P1160621 P1160623 P1160624 P1160628 P1160649 P1160611 P1160604 P1160612 P1160613 P1160614 P1160615 P1160616 P1160617 P1160610 P1160609 P1160608 P1160607 P1160606 P1160605 P1160603 P1160602 P1160597 P1160595 P1160594 P1160590 P1160583 P1160577 P1160575 P1160568