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180428 Cubs

Saturday, 28th June 2018 with the Cubs of the 7th Crawley (Furnace Green) Cub Pack.


A special day out at the Amberley Heritage Museum enjoying a whole host of activities including bubble fun, train and nostalgic bus ride, pottery, wood turning, birds of prey and lots more …………

We had a ball!

Paul Masters.  1st May 2018

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P1160643 P1160645 P1160646 P1160647 P1160648 P1160650 P1160659 P1160662 P1160673 P1160681 P1160688 P1160690 P1160699 P1160714 P1160719 P1160731 P1160733 P1160734 P1160735 P1160737 P1160738 P1160740 P1160741 P1160743 P1160745 P1160746 P1160747 P1160748 P1160749 P1160750 P1160751 P1160752 P1160754 P1160756 P1160758 P1160759 P1160760 P1160761 P1160763 P1160778 P1160789 P1160799 P1160815 P1160826 P1160827 P1160828 P1160832 P1160834 P1160835 P1160838 P1160839 P1160840 P1160846 P1160848 P1160858 P1160860 P1160868 P1160884 P1160885